The sound never returns to the instrument

Stanisław Jerzy Lec

My instruments

Jean Baptiste Vuillaume

A cello built in 1826, when the great luthier got married. I don’t think I need a better instrument… I’m trying ineptly to keep up with it. I also need to treat it to a photographer…

Wojciech Topa – 2001

An amazing instrument from Wojtek Topa’s workshop. A one-piece back of exceptional beauty, lovely varnish and high-quality sound.


In addition to these two marvellous instruments I use, if necessary, computers and various digital and analogue devices.

Some of them:

  • NS Design Cello (5-string)
  • DPA microphone
  • preamp Looptrotter Engineering
  • Moogerfooger devices
  • Fulltone –  GT-500
  • ZVEX – Fat Fuzz Factory
  • Earthquaker Devices – Bit Commander
  • Empress Effects- EQ
  • Electroharmonix- Freeze
  • Electroharmonix – Memory Man
  • Eventide – Timefactor
  • Eventide – Pitchfactor
  • TC Electronics – Nova Reverb
  • AER Domino

Janusz Olejniczak relishing the cello sound… Relaxing between concerts during our Belgian tour.

Percussion wins every discussion

Stanisław Jerzy Lec